• We Are Sea Grant Week, Part 1: Our delegation of UW Sea Grant staffers spending the week at the 2013 Sea Grant Week in Florida are soaking in the experience. (Top) Communications director Moira Harrington laid out a spread of cool comms material. (Below) Meanwhile, assistant director for operations Terri Liebmann hit the fiscal offers meeting to learn about the new Supercircular.  

  • Okay, we admit it looks a little, well, bizarre. It’ll all make much more sense when you see the finished Eat Wisconsin Fish public service announcements air later this fall on KBJR-TV in Duluth-Superior. That’s actress Katie Botten holding the whitefish sandwich, KBJR producer Pam Skramstad getting ready to drop the whitefish, and UW Sea Grant’s Marie Zhuikov posing between them.

  • On location at the UW Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, capturing pictures for UW Sea Grant’s upcoming biennial report. The lab is home to Tony Goldberg and Anna Wilson, whose Sea Grant-supported work developing an efficient and accurate assay to diagnose the presence of viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS)  has transformed the way wardens track the disease in fish populations. Read more about the project here.

  • C’mon Over, Plover!


    By Marie Zhuikov

    Wisconsin Sea Grant is helping with efforts to develop habitat that appeals to shorebirds — piping plovers, to be exact. Coastal Engineer Gene Clark is part of team that is cooperating with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to use sediment dredged from the Superior Harbor to create beach habitat for plovers, which haven’t nested in the area in almost 30 years.

    In its initial stages, the project, entitled “Wisconsin Point Beach Nourishment Project,” may involve using dredged material to widen Shafer Beach on the Lake Superior side of the point. To keep the beach from eroding away, several structures (groins and/or breakwaters) would be built. Clark is part of the project due to his expertise in the engineering of such structures and in the beneficial reuse of dredged material.



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