• The Future of the Lake Michigan Fishery

    By Jane Harrison 

    Yellow perch harvest rates are at an all-time low. Forage fish are getting harder to find. Commercial fishers aren’t catching their full harvest quotas. The litany of concerns about Lake Michigan’s fisheries is long, but the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) has crafted a plan to tackle these challenges. The Lake Michigan Integrated Fisheries Management Plan is a ten-year guide that will be used to improve the fishery.

    Titus Seilheimer, Wisconsin Sea Grant’s fisheries specialist, and I facilitated a meeting with stakeholders who have a vested interest in the plan—people who fish. The WDNR wished to synthesize public comments received so far on the Plan by finding points of agreement among different users of Lake Michigan’s fisheries resources. The Lake Michigan Fisheries Forum was just the venue to get the job done. The Forum represents commercial, sport, and charter fishing interests, is a venue for education, and provides feedback to the DNR on high-priority fisheries issues.


  • Earlier this week, UW Sea Grant outreach specialist Julia Noordyk organized a cruise for legislators, media, and concerned citizens to view successful sediment-removal efforts in Green Bay—and to highlight the many areas that still need work. 

  • Meet the 2015 Knauss Fellows, Part Three: Kristina Surfus

    By Aaron R. Conklin

    Kristina Surfus is drawn to water.

    It’s something she’s always known about herself, but it was recently driven home again as she searched for photographs of herself in response to a writer’s request. Everything she could find included or was related to water: A picture of her kayaking on the tranquil Milwaukee River. A picture of her struggling through falling water in the Julian Alps in Slovenia. Even a professional photo of her taken in Milwaukee backdrops her against a window showing rain falling on the streets of the city, a subtle echo of her interests in sustainable urbanism and water management.

    That love of water continues to drive her life, and it’ll soon sweep her toward Washington, DC, as one of three UW Sea Grant 2015 Knauss Marine Policy Fellows. Surfus already has some Beltway experience under her belt—while she was an undergrad at Boston University, she served as an intern in the office of Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, where she got some first-hand experience with policymaking.

    “I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned in a legislative setting,” she said of her return to the nation’s capital, set to begin next February. ”I’m looking forward to getting more working experience in coastal resource management, and a stronger sense of how it all comes together in the policymaking world.”


  • The next phase of Eat Wisconsin Fish begins

    The next phase of Eat Wisconsin Fish begins

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